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Regular license allows users to install and use a copy of the software up to the permitted number that is one (1) live-installation and one (1) staging installation, as long as nothing else has expressly been agreed upon.
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Other Versions: v13 v14 v15

The Odoo OneDrive Integration plugin seamlessly bridges the gap between your Odoo platform and Microsoft OneDrive, revolutionizing the way you manage and share documents and data. By automatically storing all Odoo attachments in your OneDrive account, it eliminates the hassle of manual uploads, ensuring that your files are always securely backed up and easily accessible. Moreover, the integration empowers you to securely share your Odoo data with external stakeholders through OneDrive, facilitating streamlined collaboration while maintaining control over who has access to what. With real-time synchronization, any updates or modifications made to documents within Odoo are instantly reflected in OneDrive, guaranteeing that all parties have access to the latest information. The integration also offers robust security features, including encryption and access controls, to safeguard your sensitive data throughout the transfer process. Additionally, the ability to delete documents and revoke sharing permissions directly from Odoo provides added flexibility and control over your data management workflows. Easy configuration and comprehensive monitoring tools further enhance the user experience, enabling seamless integration and efficient management of your documents and data across both platforms. In essence, the Odoo OneDrive Integration plugin empowers your organization with enhanced collaboration capabilities, improved data security, and streamlined document management workflows, ultimately driving productivity and efficiency across your operations.

Few of the features which are available in Odoo OneDrive Integration module are as below:

  • Easy to install.
  • Flexible.
  • User-friendly and configurable as per user requirements.
  • Ability to choose model and mime types for document upload.
  • It offers you complete security along with accessibility.
  • Microsoft OneDrive offers a secure environment.
  • Share the large files without hassle.
  • Easily manage and share files in OneDrive.
  • Ability to stop the sharing feature.
  • Delete Action.
  • Update files.
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Version: 16.0.0:
- Support Odoo V16.0
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