1. Pre-requisites

Shopware 6.5.x and higher versions

2. Installation

To install the module, follow the steps below.

  • Download the module/extension and unzip it. 
  • Access your web server directories and upload the content of the folder into custom/plugins/PitsEmailLogin directory.
  • Run the following commands from the root directory to complete the installation. 
    •  Refresh plugin: php bin/console plugin:refresh
    • Active plugin: php bin/console plugin:install --activate PitsEmailLogin
    •  Clear cache: php bin/console cache:clear

OR the provided zip file can be uploaded from backend Extension->My Extensions and use Upload extension. 

3. Quick Login plugin for Shopware 6

Introducing the Quick Login plugin for Shopware, a revolutionary solution that simplifies the login process for your customers while prioritizing security. With this extension, users can seamlessly access their accounts without the need to remember passwords. Instead, a secure login link is sent to their registered email, enhancing both convenience and data protection.

4. Features

  • One-Click Access: Log-in made simple! Registered customers can authenticate their identities without the hassle of remembering complex passwords or worrying about their personal information falling into the wrong hands.
  • Persists cart items: Products added as guest will be carried forward to the cart when customer logs in and the customer can follow normal purchase flow.
  • Flexibility: Admin can customise the email template (which is sent to customer with one time login url), frontend email field label and button text.
  • Enhanced Security: The login link is time-sensitive and expires after a predefined period, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Customizable Expiry Period: Admin can configure the link expiry period in the admin panel.
  • Multi Store Support: Ideal for businesses with multiple stores, the extension supports seamless password-free logins across different storefronts. 

Empower your customers with a hassle-free and secure login experience. The " Quick Login plugin " not only simplifies the login process but also enhances the security of user accounts, making it an essential addition to your Shopware store. Upgrade your authentication system to a passwordless model for a modern and user-centric approach to account access.

5. Configuration

Extensions->My Extensions->Pits Email Login->Configure. 

  • Enable: Enable/Disable plugin.
  • Login Link Expiry Time: Specifies the time period login link valid for (In minutes)
  • Email Template: Email template for sending login link email
  • FE Login Button Text: Login button text to show in front end
  • FE Login Email Textbox Label: Email input textbox label to show in front end

6. Work Flow

a. Registered customer to Login 

Enter the registered email address in the quick login field and click “Quick Login” button. An email, containing login information will be sent to the provided email address

b. Add products to cart and navigate to checkout page and click login

Enter registered email address in “Quick Login” field and click the below button. Email containing log-in information will be sent to the entered email address.

The customer can sign in by simply clicking the sign in button in the email. If the customer is logged in from login in page, URL will be redirected to accounts page and if logged in from checkout page, the URL will be redirected to checkout page and the user can continue checking out. 

7. Email customisation 

The admin has complete control over the email template design and customisation.

To edit email template, navigate to Settings -> Email Templates

Edit the email template. The subject, sender name and other email contents can be changed as required

Available email variables are:

customerName : Customer Name

loginExpiry : Login link expiry time in minutes

loginLink : Login url 

Technical Requirements / Compatible with: 

Shopware 6.5.x 

Supported Languages

English, German

Change Log / Release Notes

Version: 1.0.0: Dec 12, 2023

• Initial release. 


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